Frequently Asked Questions is an online pole dancing tutorial and learning marketplace that allows instructors from around the world to upload and sell tutorials to a global audience. Students have the ability to purchase and have access to the tutorials to watch videos, engage with the instructor, answer questions and complete activities. There is a messaging tool where instructors and students can communicate

  • Instructors can share their skills with a global market
  • Students can get access to the best content available anywhere
  • The pole dancing community continues to grow
  • Gain confidence and skills like never before
  • Grow your brand and increase earnings

Anyone! If you feel you have the skills to show and teach others, then you can create and upload courses.

You can create and sell tutorials/courses in any language, because we are a global platform. We suggest create the course in the language where most of your followers and students are. It could also be a good idea to add English subtitles to sell to a broader audience

Simple! Setup an account by signing up. Once the account is setup, you can immediately start creating a course. We suggest getting in touch with us before at as we have some great training to assist you!

You can pay via credit card or Paypal. We are 100% online payment authorised and secure through Stripe and Paypal.

Each instructor will make 60% for every one of their course sales. These payments are managed under your profile

Contact us at hello@kyanna,me for training and assistance. The more value and the more specific is always best! Our students love to see results.

All of your courses that you've purchased, or added, will be under your profile once you login.

Absolutely! The most successful people add their profile to their social media pages and send teasers to their followers was created to inspire, empower and strengthen women throughout the world to live their most fulfilling lives. We are completely passionate about dance and it's influence on women. We envision that every person who joins our community will be inspired and empowered to live their most fulfilling life.

Each course will be very specific to a skill that will be introduced upfront and in the intro video. The course will then include sections, videos, questions and activities to help you achieve and improve on the necessary skill.

As a student, you have the ability to message and connect with your instructor


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