Flex & Stretch

Learn the Basics of stretch & Flex - improve mobility and your overall wellbeing.

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Course Overview

In Lesson ONE you will be able to do a basic Full Body stretch in under 30 minutes. The benefits of improving your flexibility is not only for dancers but also for anyone wanting to improve their flexibilty and all round movement. To improve your flexibility it takes dedication, so repeat this course to see resluts. 

What are the requirements?

  • This course introduces full body stretches that both lengthen and strengthen the muscles.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Improve Full Body Flexibility

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone

About the Author

A lifetime of dedication to various forms of dance and a passionate 10 years within the Pole Dance Industry, has inspired and motivated Nadja & NataniĆ«l Pires, the creators of La Rouge Burlesque Dance & Fitness, to devote their energy and expertise in empowering and inspiring women to Release their Inner Goddess; as Beauty, heart and passion reflect from within. 

The fitness classes we offer combine strength and toning exercises in a sensual modernised form of dance. Our most important focus is to inspire women to become more confident in themselves, by releasing their inner Goddess to the world and we achieve this through offering a fun, safe, energetic and passionate environment that will keep you spinning for Life.

Classes are strictly for women and require no prior experience. We assist and offer classes to women of all skill levels from beginner, right through to advanced dancers. La Rouge offers a safe, supportive and motivating environment, encouraging you to release and embrace your inner confidence.

Course Curriculum

Introduction Video

  • Introduction Video

Full Body Flow Stretch

  • Full Body Flow Stretch Routine

Thank You

  • Thank You Video


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