Cupid Tutorial

How to do a Cupid with bonus videos to create combos for all levels

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Course Overview

This course is suitabe for all levels.

Beginners however, should have experience with basic tricks but are still welcome to try this and keep working on it, there is content in here suitable for you too.

Where possible, when I teach a trick I will try to make it as accessable to as many people as possible, by offering lots of different ways to get into it for as many levels as possible.

This course will break down the body mechanics to get your cupid initially from the floor (it includes a fab conditioning, drill exercise for beginners too), so that you can be certain you've nailed the position required to hold this trick.

You will learn this also from a side climb, a climbover and from a Reiko mount for higher level students and there is bonus video at the end, demonstrating a couple of ways in and out of your cupid once you have mastered it.

What are the requirements?

  • Mixed Ability
  • All levels welcome but beginners should have some beginners tricks experience
  • Very much suited to Intermediate polers wanting to learn a new trick or develop their controll for this trick

What am I going to get from this course?

  • condition a cupid
  • perform a cupid
  • undertsand the mechanics of a cupid
  • apply entries and exits to your new trick
  • be able to prep , condition and work towards a reiko mount

What is the target audience?

  • Mixed Ability
  • Intermediate Polers

About the Author

Pole instructor, studio owner and professional competitor. Poling for 6 years and teaching for 5 years. Self taught with Xpert certifications to Level 4. Current 4th place UK champion and 1st place and over all winner at The Great British Pole Championships 2020. 

Course Curriculum

Floor Prep and Cupid Conditioning

  • what you will learn
  • Conditioning your knee hook for your Cupid
  • Conditioning your Cupid position
  • Common mistakes and conditioning exercises

Taking your Cupid up the pole

  • Cupid from a climbover


  • this concludes the first part of your cupid tutorial

modified Alternative entry to your cupid

  • non Inverting entry to cupid demonstration
  • Lifting into cupid from the floor or from a side climb

more advanced Alternative Entry into Cupid

  • Cupid from a Reiko Mount prep 1
  • Cupid from a reiko mount prep 2
  • straight Leg lift into reiko

Bonus section

  • Cupid Quiz
  • Linking your new trick into other tricks and combos

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