Fonji Fundamentals & Spotting Fundamentals

From First Lift to Touch Down!

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Course Overview

This is a two-part package deal! First access my masterclass, Fonji Fundamentals - Let’s build to this dynamic move! This Masterclass breaks down the Fonji transition to its very core - giving you 10! Drills, in-depth theory, and explanation of the technique that will help you confidently train for and attempt this skill. Whether you are a seasoned flip enthusiast or curious about becoming one, this technical breakdown will assist you in flying high. Then move on to Spotting techniques where I teach you safe spotting techniques for this move. You'll gain 9 Drills helping you feel confident about your ability to spot! From the first lift to touch down, this course has all the tools you need! Are you ready!? Let’s go! This course is meant to be preparation or correction for Fonji technique. The drills are accessible to an intermediate student although full completion of this move is advanced. 

What are the requirements?

  • Recommended to have a solid shoulder mount for many of the drills. *Some drills are accessible from the floor

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Feel confident about their knowledge on how to safely build up to this move.

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone looking to deepen their understanding of this trick and how to safely execute it.

About the Author

Heidi is a leader in what it means to embody authenticity,positivity and creativity. By standing confidently in her own truth and uniqueness Heidi empowers others to do the same. 

Heidi believes in being connected to and harnessing inner strength, creativity and uniqueness. It is through exploration that we ignite the courage to embrace who we are!

Heidi is well known for taking powerful moves, adapting them to pole and making them possible. Nothing is impossible to Heidi, its about breaking down the technique and coming up with a format to teach and perform a technically sound move.

Her mission is to empower people to embrace their vulnerability, live with courage, an open heart and to be curious about their potential both on and off the pole. 

Course Curriculum

Start Here

  • Introduction

Section 1

  • Drill 1
  • Drill 2
  • Drill 3
  • Drill 4
  • Drill 5
  • Drill 6
  • Drill 7
  • Drill 8
  • Drill 9
  • Drill 10

Section 2

  • Drill 1
  • Drill 2
  • Drill 3
  • Drill 4
  • Drill 5
  • Drill 6
  • Drill 7
  • Drill 8
  • Drill 9
  • Bloopers for fun!


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