The Basic Butterfly

Practice and master your Butterfly

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Course Overview

This course is dedicated to polers wanting to challenge themselves, their mind and body. Through this course you will be able to understand clearly what are the proper techniques needed to master and conquer the Basic Butterfly. This could be executed on either static or spinning pole, as long as you feel confident of what you are doing. In this course, you will receive some tips and advise, do's and don'ts as well as strenght exercises that will help build the strength needed in your shoulders which you should start with every time before doing any move on the pole. After you learn how to get into the Basic Butterfly, you will learn how to get out of it in 3 easy simple steps.  

What are the requirements?

  • Clean Invert
  • Caterpillar climb
  • Handspring
  • Being able to find balance in an upside down pose

What am I going to get from this course?

  • By the end of this course you should be able to do well the Basic Butterfly and understand the proper technique behind it
  • You will understand how the reverse split grip works
  • Not only will you learn how to get into the Butterfly, But also how to get out of this move in 3 easy steps
  • You should be able to overcome your fear and the struggle in doing the Butterfly, as it is easier than you think
  • You will understand how to find a balance point in an upside down pose

What is the target audience?

  • Intermediate level
  • Pole Dancers and students looking to master their Butterfly move
  • Polers looking for a challenge
  • Polers looking to strengthen their core and shoulders

About the Author

I started my first class as a student few years back, soon did i realize my passion for pole dancing i became a pole instructor in no time. Always attending global workshops with international pole athletes to improve my skills and potential and be able to provide the best learning experience to my students. I have worked with many beginners on motivation, self confidence and self esteem as these are the first important steps towards achieving any goal in life and especially in pole dancing. 

I have taught for 4 years now. Moved from my home country, Lebanon, and currently reside in Doha, Qatar. 

Always looking to deliver the best for women out there.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Butterfly

  • Meet Your Instructor :)
  • Some Encouraging Tips!
  • welcome to your first course with me :)
  • Video PROMO: The Butterfly

Getting into the Butterfly

  • The basic butterfly
  • Few tips to keep in mind!
  • Final Recap

Build Your Strength

  • Strengthen your Shoulders

Getting out of the Butterfly

  • 1st Option: Outside Leg Hook
  • 2nd Option: Outside Leg to Invert
  • 3rd Option: Outside to Inside Leg Hook

Thanks for taking this course with me :)

  • You did it !


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