Flatline transition to Brass Monkey

How to transition from a flatline through to a brass monkey

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Course Overview

This course will show you how to transition between these two popular tricks : your flatline through to Brass Monkey. These are awesome tricks because you can get in to your flatline in so many different ways and out of brass monkey in so many different ways too. So by linking these two together, you can begin to create some amazing, epic and eye catching combos!

What are the requirements?

  • You should be able to do a flatline and a brass monkey.
  • This course does not teach these tricks in depth, it shows you how to link them together

What am I going to get from this course?

  • You will be confident in smootly transitioning between these two tricks
  • You will have lots of practice for your flatline
  • You will understand how to apply different grips and switch your weight to move around the pole easily
  • This course includes bonus combos to keep you spinning aound the pole

What is the target audience?

  • intermediate to advanced polers
  • dynamic pole
  • polers who are confident with tricks and want to learn how to link them together

About the Author

Pole instructor, studio owner and professional competitor. Poling for 6 years and teaching for 5 years. Self taught with Xpert certifications to Level 4. Current 4th place UK champion and 1st place and over all winner at The Great British Pole Championships 2020. 

Course Curriculum

Flatline to Brass Monkey

  • demonstration
  • Introduction about this transition between tricks
  • Prepping this transition from your flatline part 1
  • Prepping this transition from your flatline part 2

Flag Grip

  • Prepping your flag grip
  • Linking your flatline to your inverted flag grip

Brass Monkey key points

  • Prepping for your brass monkey

Adding all the elements together!

  • Flatline to flag grip to brass monkey
  • creating spin into your brass monkey

Completeing this dynamic combo

  • Adding speed and smoothing out the transitions
  • Outro

Bonus Material!

  • Combo 1
  • Combo 2

It’s a wrap!

  • congratulations!


  • So so helpful and specific you can't get better step by step assistance.
    3 years ago


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